One of the things I like most about Product Management is the ability to learn about, import, mix and match whatever works from different methodologies or sources. The same way our brains find it easy to follow comic strips or story boards, already-visual assets such as app screens with pathways between them allow us to “read” the experience and imagine ourselves inside it while keeping a bird’s eye view. Zoom in and out, fast forward or replay.

Maps are fun, right? 🤓 Since I was tiny I was hooked on maps, a fascination that grew bigger when I started traveling and (surprisingly) when I started learning more about the classical era. There are some great maps out there (the London underground is a masterpiece, The Londonist covered it well) along with very faulty ones — the popular world map is based on a 1569 projection by the Flemish Mercator, shown in yellow below. It’s noticeably distorted and very Eurocentric but it’s still the “vanilla” of world maps nowadays (why is that a problem? NatGeo has a good…


Crafty explorer, nerdy PM, stealthy cycler, makes 0.3% of people laugh 🖖

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